About Me

  • Babu Ram Dawadi, Born in Remote District Gorkh-Barpak (2015 Earthquake epicenter), Nepal.
  • Has completed his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in 2003 and M.Sc. in Information & Communication Engineering in 2008 from Institute of Engineering (IOE), Tribhuvan University Nepal.
  •  Also completed Masters in Public Administration (MPA) Degree in 2014 from Public Administration Campus, Tribhuvan University Nepal.
  • Has started his career as a lecturer from Acme Engineering College, Kathmandu, Nepal and became the Asst. professor at Department of electronic and computer engineering, IOE, Pulchowk Campus for almost Five years (2003 to 2009)
  • Have taught several subjects in bachelors and masters degree.
  • Handled the networking and internet system with IPv6 research network at Center for Information Technology (CIT), IOE Pulchowk Campus as a capacity of System Engineer & Deputy Director.
  • Successfully executed first time the software based real time e-Voting system for student election of IOE Pulchowk Campus.
  • Acted as software development coordinator for the first time online application processing of IOE entrance system. The manual system was transferred to online based automated system.
  • Worked as consultant network specialist of “World Bank” and OMCN projects at Kathmandu via the consulting form (2008-2017).
  • Worked as IT consultant at NGO Federation, Dalit NGO Federation and Development Network Pvt. Ltd., Nepal(2005-2009).
  • Worked as Asst. Director (Engineering) at Nepal Telecommunications Authority (2009-2012) with responsibilities to look after Telecom Quality of Service (QoS) and Interconnection with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), policies regarding internet and the domain regulation.
  • Carried out several projects as country director/coordinator in association with ITU. Eg. "Stimulating Broadband in Nepal",
  • Attended as Guest Speaker at the ITU Workshop on Bridging the Standardization Gap (https://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/Workshops-and-Seminars/bsg/201207/Pages/bios.aspx#BRDawadi)
  • Lead as local consultant researcher to architect and develop specification with procurement document preparation for the NTA initiated project: "Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring and the Anti-Fraud System"
  • Handled the post of Deputy Head of Department at Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, IOE Pulchowk Campus.
  • Acted with leading role in developing the computer based entrance examination system with policies, regulations and strategies for IOE Entrance examination (https://entrance.ioe.edu.np).
  • Handled the position as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) to conduct real time computer based entrance examination system of IOE (Project Name: RETIENAS)
  • Successfully carried out the job responsibilities as Board Member (3-tenures) of IOE Entrance examination board.
  • Successfully completed 2 years tenure as Deputy Chief (Deputy Controller) of Examination Control Division of IOE Semester Examination System. 
  • Active member to formulate policy on "Online Real Time Centralized  Admission System of IOE" (https://admission.ioe.edu.np/) (Project Name: Casi-काजी). System Architect to design and implement software for Centralized Admission System of IOE.
  • Initiated the Exam System Automation project as a System Architect and successfully implemented the Semester Exam Online Application and Admit Card Processing System for BE/BArch/MSc examination of IOE. 
  • Lead the project for M.Sc. exam result processing and mark-sheets/transcript generation system for IOE Examination Control Division.    
  • Acted as chief researcher (Consultant domain experts) to formulate IPv6 network migration plan of Nepal, Nepal Telecommunications Authority & Department of IT (DOIT), Government of Nepal. (Jan-March, 2014).
  • Acted as background consultant researcher of National Planning Commission-Nepal to carryout the study on "A STUDY ON STATUS MEASURE AND PROPER UTILIZATION OF RURAL TELECOMMUNICATION DISBURSEMENT FUND (RTDF) TOWARDS DIGITAL RURAL NEPAL"
  • Handled the IPv6 network operation center at CIT,IOE Pulchowk Campus being a research operator of AI3/SOI-ASIA IPv6-only Network research project lead by Keio University, Japan.
  • Attended the several researches meeting abroad (USA, UK, Australia, JAPAN, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia , Philippines, LaoPDR, South Africa, Slovenia, Belgium, Netherlands and Norway).
  • Now holding the post of Asst. Professor at department of electronics and computer engineering, Central Campus, Pulchowk, Institute of Engineering (IOE), Tribhuvan University
  • Initiated with leading role to establish ICT research laboratory at IOE and holding the post of founding Vice-Chair at Laboratory for ICT Research and Development, IOE, TU. (http://lict.ioe.edu.np)
  • Currently leading research project entitled "Transformations to Future Networking with Broadband and IoT Implementations: Status of Nepal and the Steps Ahead" under UGC faculty research grant id: FRG-74/75-Engg-01
  • Awarded as Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) research fellow with research grant of Nrs 3 Lakhs till end of 2020. 
  • Visited KEIO University, Japan for short term Research (3 months) in 2007 under AI3 SOI/Asia research project.
  • Visited University of Ljubljana, Slovenia for short term research but returned back Nepal earlier due to unavoidable circumstances. 
  • Visited NTNU, Norway as visiting research scholar for 6 months in 2018.
  • USTTI Trainee/Fellow on Cyber Security and Policy
  • Alumni, CPRsouth young scholar-2014
  • ICAAN Fellow (https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-96-2014-04-08-en) & Alumni ICAAN-50 London Meeting (https://icannwiki.org/Babu_Ram_Dawadi)  
  • Is the registered engineer of Nepal Engineering Council (NEC), Permanent member of Nepal Engineers Association
  • Is the lyricist of local folk songs (http://www.baburd.com.np/myCreation.php)
  • Believe in work, hate corruptions, hate dirty minded/corrupted politicians.

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